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Saline - A mixture of water and a little salt. Very similar to ocean water and can be safely absorbed by the body.

Saethe-Chotzen - A birth defect characterized by an unusually short or broad head. Additionally, the eyes may be spaced wide apart and have droopy eyelids; fingers may be abnormally short and webbed.

Scar - the body's natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. A scar is usually composed of fibrous tissue. They may be formed for many different reasons, including as a result of infections, surgery, injuries or inflammation of tissue.

Scalpel - A small, light, usually straight knife used in surgical and anatomical operations and dissections.

Septoplasty - the surgical correction of defects and deformities of the nasal septum (the partition between the nostrils).

Sepsis   - Bacteria, or other small organisms, in the blood; can also be caused by the small substances produced by bacteria.

Set - To put (a broken or dislocated bone) back in position.

Skin Planing - See Dermabrasion.

Skin grafts - a skin graft may be used to cover skin that has been damaged and/or is missing. This surgical procedure implies the removal of healthy portions of skin from one part of the body to restore normal appearance and/or function to another portion of the same body. The location where the skin is removed is called the donor site. There are various types of skin grafts that may be utilized, depending upon the size and location of needed skin.

Syndactyly - a congenital problem characterized by a union of fingers or toes.

Salicylic acid - See beta hydroxy acid

Sallowness - A term used to describe a yellowish color of the skin.

Sebaceous glands - The glands of the skin that emit oil into the hair follicles.

Septoplasty - A surgical procedure done to improve the flow of air to your nose by repairing malformed cartilage and/or the bony portion. It is often performed along with a rhinoplasty.

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Sclerotherapy - A medical procedure used to eliminate varicose veins and "spider veins." During the treatment, an injection of a solution (generally sodium chloride) is placed directly into the vein.

Serum - clear,watery fluid

Spider vein - A widened vein that can be seen through the surface of the skin.

Strip - To remove (a vein) by pulling it inside out through a small incision, using a long, hooked instrument.

Stratum corneum - The outer most layer of the epidermis.

Subcutaneous - A term referring to below the skin.

Sun protection factor - Commonly seen on suntan ingredients as SPF; the sun protection factor is the amount of the protection a suntan product provides. The higher the SPF, the greater the protection.

Suture - The stitches used to hold tissue together or to close a wound.

Surgeon - A doctor who specializes in the treatment of disease, injury or other disorders by performing operations that involve cutting body tissue, such as the skin or other organs.

Subgaldular - An area underneath a gland. For Breast Augmentation surgery, this is an area under the breast tissue, but above the chest muscles.

Subpectoral - Under the pectoralis muscle. Also referred to as submuscular breast augmentation.  

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