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Recovery Centers

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One of the most important aspects of a cosmetic surgery is your recovery time. Depending on the care you receive during your healing period, the results of your procedure will be more evident when the time comes for you to show the world your new look.



Depending on the surgery you have undertaken, your doctor will recommend for you to stay at a recovery center for a certain period of time, where you will receive the best care possible to aid you in your recovery. This is especially applicable for patients who have traveled all the way to Costa Rica to have their plastic surgery performed. Usually, you will need to stay at the center over-night or for a couple of days once the operation is finished and afterwards, you will be allowed to leave and return to the comfort of your own home to recuperate.

Versión Español: Centros de Recuperación

Benefits of a Recovery Center:

  • Transport to and from airport - San Jose
  • Transportation that pick you up after the surgery.
  • Specialized personal care in a private, caring environment
  • Tranquil, safe, gated, surroundings.
  • Experience conforting clients with Plastic Surgery, Dental, and Mental Recuperation rests.


Better Looks has the following centers are at your disposal:

Paradise Cosmetic Inn
Villa LeMas
Las Cumbres
The CheTica Ranch
Ana Carmone's Recovery Inn
Villa Bellen Recovery Retreat
Marta Quirós’ Personalized Care Center.

Your doctor and nurse will give you detailed instructions concerning the post-hospital care you are required to have. These include activities you will have to avoid as well as any special diet plans your will have to follow for a certain period of time. At this moment, you will be able to discuss any type of medication you can take during your healing period to make it more comfortable and to minimize any second effects the surgery may have.

The recovery center can be as advanced as a special nursing floor in a long term care facility, as simple as a private room in someone's house, or somewhere in between such as a set of rooms with nursing care in a hotel. The level of staffing can range from registered nurses (RNs) to medical assistants (MAs) to unlicensed attendants providing a spare room and making a business out of changing bandages and catering to your needs after surgery.

Fees can vary between $75 per night to $150 per night or more, and may include the room, food, transportation, hydraulic beds, medical supplies (but not medications), telephone use, and cable TV. And at some facilities they provide internet connection.

Disregarding the recovery center you choose while recovering with Better Looks, we always make sure to offer you state-of-the-art facilities, offering the best personalized care in the country and in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. All rooms are comfortably furnished, spacious and with a private bath. All our centers are staffed with a dedicated nursing team, trained to meet the different needs of all our patients and their accompanying family members, ensuring a safe and enjoyable recovery period.

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