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Liposcuplture without a scalpel
Nowadays there are thousands of different “miracle” treatments that claim to help you lose weight in just a couple of days, that in the end simply leave you frustrated and disappointed, even risking your life and spending all your money with no results in return. But you can now lose weight without dieting, exercising, or taking pills. There is hope in a modern treatment that delivers what it offers. And the proof is in the satisfaction you will get when you see a new and improved person in the mirror.


Versión Español: Hidrolipoclasia

The history of Hidrolipoclasy comes from the words Hidro. - Which means water, Lipo. - Which means fat and Clasia. - Which means to break or explode.

cellulites imageModern esthetic medicine became a specialty around 25 years ago in France and today it is practiced by over 20,000 doctors around the world. Hidrolipoclasy was created in Italy in the 80’s, where the physic principals of sound and it’s amplification in watery environments to be able to produce a phenomenon known as “cavitations” in the tissue.

This substance dissolves intracellular fat, allowing this fat to be easily eliminated. This innovative and effective, but not well known treatment consists in an application of certain medicine that is injected in the certain areas of your body where fat or cellulite is mostly stored, afterwards an ultrasound is preformed. The ultrasound and medicine combined produces a thermo genesis effect that burns up located fat when generating sound waves at a speed of 30 million times. This combination produces an explosion that loosens and ruptures these fat cells and eliminates them through the lymphatic and blood stream; it also breaks up fibrosis, which plays a very important role in the formation of Contact Us!cellulite. Lastly you may also combine your Hidrolipoclasy treatments with mesotherapy, where you can focus directly not only on the number but also the size of each fat cell, fomenting the reduction effect on the volume that is being treated.


The treatment is applied during 5 sessions, in about a week’s time. In each session 3 steps are followed: physiological solution serum is injected in the fat tissue, the ultrasound is performed and then a vacuum therapy is carried out. Usually the following parameters are taken into consideration before and after the treatment: height, weight, waist, thigh and knee measurements and bilaterally the folds of the skin and the wrist’s diameter are measured to know what the patients fatty weight , muscular weight, bone weight and residual weight are.

First your skin is marked where you would like to see the results in an area no larger then 4x4 inches and then the area is thoroughly disinfected with alcohol drenched cotton. Next a special physiologically sterilized solution and a combination of specified fat reducers such as salicylate monosilanotriol and Triac (for those who are not allergic to iodine) are injected into the subdermic tissue. This part of the treatment may take around 7 to 15 minutes.

Next the doctor proceeds to infiltrate the area once more with the physiological solution that may contain bicarbonate or another component with a low Ph. If you’d like to get your abdomen done for example, the application is done in two sections; one on each side of your navel, this application will not take longer then 3 minutes. You may also have this treatment done in nontraditional areas such as your neck or the upper part of your ankles or arms.

Contact Us!The last step to this treatment is an ultrasound which is done with a very fine professional apparatus where the patient will only feel like he/she is receiving a massage in the area that was treated. Nevertheless the ultrasound is the most important part of the treatment, because this is where the fat cells “explode” or “break”. The treated area may slightly swell because of the solutions used but this will go down naturally in about 48 hours.


Dr. Fransisco GarciaThe next step is a Vacuum therapy that consists in sliding a pillow shaped apparatus with the effect of a vacuum over the treated skin; this will help drain the fat towards the lymphatic tract where it will then be eliminated.

The results are immediate and most women notice a reduction of up to two sizes in about two to three sessions.

AND If the person decides to lead his/her life exactly the same way that they did before the treatment the fat that was eliminated will be regained in about 5 to 6 years.


How many times in a week can you apply this treatment?
The sessions can be done once a week or every ten days. One Hydroclipoclasia session may take approximately 45 minutes depending on the person specific needs. The results are immediate and most women notice a reduction of up to two sizes in about two to three sessions. Women with a little more weight may notice a change right away; thinner women may take a little longer. But whatever your case will be you will see a substantial difference in a very small amount of time.

Contact Us!What will you feel during the application?
In the first part when the solutions are being injected some patients feel a tingling sensation or at most a small needle prick and during the ultrasound the feeling is fresh and pleasant and will be sure to relax you. The effect is like that of a soft liposuction but in a longer period of time because it is done in several sessions.


The huge benefits of Hidrolipoclasy is that this procedure eliminates fat without:
• Surgery
• Anesthesia or hospitalization
• risks
• Diet
• Pills

Contact Us!Hidrolipoclasy is without a doubt one of the greatest ways to dissolve and eliminate fat. It offers people that are unhappy with their figure and that are afraid of surgery a true possibility to satisfy their needs. It is available to almost anyone because the contraindications are almost none.


Most frequent asked questions are if there are any collateral side affects or contraindictions. We do not recommend Patients who are pregnant or nursing, advanced chronic illness, extremely obese, with metallic prosthesis, or under the age of 18 to use this treatment and it is very important that this treatment be done only by professional doctors or nurses with experience.

Contact Us!It is necessary to avoid what has happened so many times over the years with other cosmetic treatments, that a bad reputation has been formed for these treatments because people who are not qualified to apply these treatments or use substances that are not recognized by any authority put patient’s health at risk. So please inform yourself thoroughly about the treatment and the doctor’s qualifications before making a decision on any treatment that you might want to get done.


There is no recovery time after this treatment, you may resume your normal day to day activities without any complications.

What is the differences of Hidrolipoclasy versus Mesotherapy. In Mesotherapy more treatments are required and its effectiveness is between 50 to 55 %. Hidrolipoclasy in the other hand is 95% effective and can be applied on more extensive areas.

Contact Us!Price plays an important part in both treatments. Hidrolipoclasy costs around ¢32 thousand colones or approx. $60 to $70 per session but less sessions (5) are required to reach the desired effect. In mesotherapy the treatment can cost around ¢14 thousand colones or approx. $25 to $35, but you would need double the amount of sessions.


Contact Us!The information given in this website should be considered as an introduction to a Hidrolipoclasy Treatment. Before deciding on submitting yourself to the treatment described above, you can contact Better Looks for more information, so we can answer any specific question you might have.

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