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Consultation Questionnaire

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This list will help you at your consultations.  The questions are categorized for your convenience.  Some of these questions, such as whether or not your surgeon is ABPS certified, may be answered online by doing your own research (please go to  Prior to your consultation, you may fill in any information that you already know.  Most of the time, many of these questions will be answered by your surgeon before you even have to ask them.  However, it is a good idea to highlight the questions that are very important to you, so that you make sure you get answers to them.

SURGEON NAME:  ______________________________________________________


Plastic Surgeon Information

  1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?  ____ Yes  ____ No

  2. How many breast augmentations do you perform each year?  _______

  3. Do you have hospital privileges, and if so, with which hospitals?

  4. Do you have before and after photos available for viewing?  ____ Yes  ____ No

  5. What is your financial policy on revisions/redos in the event that I am unhappy with the results, or have a complication?

  6. Are all post-op visits free, and if I have a problem, will I be charged a fee if I need to see you?

  7. Will I be seeing you for my post-op visits, or will I see someone else on your staff?

  8. What is the most common complication your patients experience?


Financial Information

  1. How much will my surgery cost me in total (this should include surgeon's fees, anesthesia fees, hospital fees, operating room fees, etc.)

  2. Is your practice affiliated with any finance companies, and if so, which ones?

  3. Which credit cards do you accept, and do you charge a slightly higher fee to patients using credit cards?

  4. Is there a cash discount?


Breast Implant Size, Type, Placement, Incision, Etc.

  1. Do you recommend smooth or textured implants for me, and why?

  2. Do you recommend round or anatomical implants for me, and why?

  3. Which placement (overs, partial unders, complete unders) do you feel is best for me, and why?

  4. Which incision do you use most, and why?

  5. If I need a revision surgery in the future, can this incision be used again, or will I need a new incision?

  6. What type of warranty will I receive with the particular type of breast implant that you recommend for me?

  7. How many cc's will I need in order to achieve my goal?


Breast Augmentation Surgery Questions

  1. Will my surgery be performed in a hospital, or your surgical suite?

  2. Is your surgical suite fully accredited, and if so, by what organization?

  3. Do you use a CRNA (nurse anesthetist) or a board-certified anesthesiologist?

  4. What type of anesthesia will I receive (twilight aka local w/sedation OR general anesthesia)?

  5. Will I receive anti-nausea medication via IV while I'm in surgery?

  6. Will I have dissolvable stitches, and if not, when will the stitches need to be removed?

  7. Do you use temporary sizers/breast implants during surgery, and if so, how many different sizes of breast implants will you take into the operating room?

  8. Do you create over-sized pockets?

  9. Do you dissect the medial portion of the chest muscle in an attempt to create cleavage, and if so, doesn't that put me at a greater risk of symmastia?

  10. Do you fill the breast implants PAST the manufacturers recommendation?

  11. Can saline be added after surgery, and if so, will that void the warranty on my implants?  How much more likely will they be to rupturing if the valve is reopened?

  12. Which medications, herbal remedies, and vitamins should I stop taking prior to surgery, and when should I stop taking them?

  13. Does smoking affect the healing process, and if so, how far in advance of surgery should I quit?

  14. Do you recommend that I take Arnica Montana and Bromelain for bruising and swelling, and if so, when should I start taking it?

  15. Will I need a breast lift, and if so, which breast lift is right for me?


General Questions


  2. When can I exercise again?

  3. I have a small child.  She/he weighs _____ lbs.  When can I safely lift him/her?

  4. When can I resume sexual relations?

  5. When can I drive?

  6. What can I do to ensure that my incision heals the best that it can?  Do you recommend ScarGuard, silicone sheeting, Mederma, etc, and if so, when may I start using it?

  7. Will I need a mammogram prior to my surgery?

  8. How soon can I shower after surgery?

  9. When is it safe to soak my incisions in water (such as taking a tub bath, going swimming, or getting into the hot tub)?

  10. Do you recommend that I massage my implants, and if so, how often, and can you show me the technique I should use?

  11. Do you feel that vitamin E helps to prevent capsular contracture?  When may I start taking it?

  12. Will my breast implants sag after a period of time?

  13. Do you perform surgery on women that are menstrating?  If so, is there a rule on the type of feminine product that I use on the day of surgery?

  14. Should I remove fingernail/toenail polish prior to surgery?

  15. Can I wear contacts during surgery?

  16. Can I wear makeup on the day of surgery?

  17. What are the chances of me being able to breastfeed successfully after my surgery?  Does the areola lessen my chances?

  18. When will I receive my breast implant device cards?

  19. What type of medications do you prescribe to be taken post-operatively?  When will I receive the prescriptions (before or after the surgery)?

  20. Narcotics tend to constipate me.  Should I have a problem with this, is it safe to take a gentle laxative?

  21. Do you recommend diuretics for post-operative swelling?

  22. Do I need to purchase a particular type of bra to wear after I get out of surgery?  What about a "strap"?  Will I need to wear one of those?

  23. If I have a problem in off-hours, will I be able to contact you, or will I have to see the plastic surgeon on-call at the hospital?

  24. Can I email you with questions after my surgery?


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