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Buttocks Augmentation

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As your age progresses, it is completely common for your buttocks to change shape and to droop. This can cause a certain amount of distress, since a shapely buttock is one of the most determining features of the female figure and therefore, many more women are now looking for a buttock augmentation treatment instead of buttocks implant surgeries.

Buttocks Augmentation with Fat Grafting Surgery:

This procedure basically consists in the removal of fat from the ‘fleshy’ areas of your body (through low-vacuum liposuction) and transferring it to the buttocks; this is known as ‘fat grafting’. In other instances, your surgeon can remove the fat from the sides of the buttocks, narrowing your ‘rear’ and making the peak of your buttocks stand out more. In either case, you will have a firmer and rounder ‘derriere’ in no time at all.

This treatment is incredibly simple, since it used fat from your own body to augment your buttocks, therefore, it will not reject the fat, like it sometimes happens with implant procedures, making the results of this treatment are completely natural.

Versión Español: Aumento de glúteos

***Price changes and updates are not shown on the website inmediately. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the current costs of a procedure, please contact us here.


Whenever you come to the decision of submitting yourself to any type of plastic surgery, you always need to keep in mind that no procedure will be able to provide a ‘perfect’ aspect to your body. The objective of a cosmetic treatment is to achieve an enhancement in your features, not to provide an ‘ideal’. This can help your boost your self-confidence and assurance, making you feel better with the way you look while at the same time keeping realistic and down-to-earth expectations. This is one of the core values we have here at BetterLooks; we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their surgery and to heighten their self-esteem.

With buttock augmentation, you must always remember that the possibility of your body reabsorbing the transplanted fat is always present, since fat is an incredibly unpredictable substance. Therefore, you may need to repeat the process after a certain period of time.

For you to be a candidate for this procedure, you need to have some excess fat and muscle in your buttocks; this works as a foundation for the transplanted fat and allows it to grow. Also, you need to have other fatty regions in your body which can serve as the source of the fat. You need to be in good physical health and it is preferable for you not to have had liposuction performed on the regions from where the fat will be taken.

Contact Us! By offering one of the best teams of doctors in the industry, Better Looks is aware of the different types of needs our diverse patients may have. Therefore, we will provide the best service possible for you, not matter what you are looking for, and we will aid you in every possible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.


At Better Looks, it is protocol for our clients to have an initial consultation with their plastic surgeon before any procedure is performed. This way, both the patient and the doctor have an equal opportunity to contribute in the whole process and by doing so, the satisfaction of the client increases tenfold. During this initial discussion, you must not hesitate to talk about your expectation with your surgeon openly, since he/she will help you determine what is and what isn’t possible to achieve. One point Better Looks always pinpoints on is the need for patients to be aware of all the different aspects of the surgery you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process); everything must be made extremely clear for you and we will always go out of our way to accomplish this.

Also, you can feel free to ask your doctor concerning any questions or doubts you may have concerning the procedure. He/she will always inform you about all the different details; for example, you should know if you should stop taking certain medications or if you will need to refrain from drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery.

You will also be evaluated by your doctor to determine if you have enough ‘fatty areas’ in your body from which to remove fat. Once the source location has been determined by your surgeon, typically the abdomen, you will be able to undertake the surgery.

Make sure you have good communication with your surgeon at all times since this will help increase your level of satisfaction. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact Better Looks since we will be more than happy to help you with anything you need.

Contact Us! When preparing for your surgery in Costa Rica, Better Looks will make sure to provide all the best possible services during your procedure. We will arrange for your transport and will offer the best commodities during your recovery. All this can be arranged previously with our organization.


Usually, this surgery is performed under general anesthesia. By determining the ‘fat donor regions’ with anticipation, your surgeon will proceed to remove the fat through low-vacuum liposuction. Depending on your needs, the amount of fat needed to augment your buttocks varies.

Average buttock augmentation procedures need about 250-350 cc’s of fat for each side. In truth, this is a good amount of fat, so this surgery is not recommended for really thin people.

Once the fat had been removed, it is purified and carefully processed, thus, only a small part of the removed fat will qualify for transplantation. This means that fat will have to be removed from 2 or more areas of your body, predetermined by your doctor.

The injection phase then takes place. Your surgeon will inject small amounts of fat into various areas of the buttocks and at different depths; this way, he/she can achieve the highest permanent absorption rate of fat. This means that the whole surgery needs a lot of micro fat injections, which are essential to accomplish a natural, smooth and uniform appearance to your ‘derriere’.

Contact Us! Since the whole process is extremely meticulous, it can take up to 2 to 3 hours for it to be completed successfully.


As with other plastic surgery procedure, you can expect a certain level of swelling and bruising in the days to come. However, this will disappear as quickly as 48 hours prior to the operation. You will most likely have to wear a special garment for the first couple of weeks to keep the swelling at its minimum. During this period you can also apply ice packs to help diminish your discomfort.

You will not be able to resume physical activity or exercise for 2 weeks, however, you will be able to sit down gently right away after surgery. Light activity will be able to be resumed a couple of days afterwards and you can expect to be back at work 3 to 7 days later. If the discomfort is too much for you, you can always ask your surgeon to prescribe some medications to make your recovery period more comfortable.

Contact Us! You will be able to see the results around a month prior to the procedure; you will be able to notice the difference in the contour of your buttocks, giving it a firmer and rounder appearance.


As with any type of plastic surgery, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen. However, they are usually minor and can be reduced by precisely following your doctor’s directions before and after the procedure.

In extremely rare cases, patients who have undertaken a butt augmentation have experienced infection (treated quickly with antibiotics), bleeding and scarring. You also have to keep in consideration that 30% of patients suffer from significant fat absorption early on and need a second augmentation procedure.

Make sure to ask your Better Looks surgeon concerning any risks you might have to face when undertaking this surgery. However, you must keep in mind that our certified group of doctors works full-time to prevent such scenarios from happening, since we value the health of our patients above anything else.

In order to keep the risks at a bare minimum, please make sure that you follow your surgeons instructions at all times.


Contact Us! The information given in this website should be considered as an introduction to a buttock augmentation (fat grafting) surgery. Before deciding on submitting yourself to the procedure described above, we highly recommend you contact Better Looks directly, so we can answer any specific question you might have.

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