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Bariatric Body Contouring

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For those who have gone through a bariatric or gastric bypass surgery to treat their obesity, the amazing amount of weight loss experienced can lead to all sorts of problems. When the capacity of your stomach is reduced, it gives patients who used to eat excessively a sense of ‘satiety’ when eating, therefore, the intake of food is reduced greatly preventing the person from overeating.

This then, leads to a relatively short period of rapid and massive weight loss (12 to 18 months), resulting in large amounts of ‘excessive skin’, which can form unsightly pockets all over the patient’s body. Bariatic body contouring consists in making the patient ‘fit his/her own skin’ after a gastric bypass treatment.

When working with these patients, the certified doctors at Better Looks are aware that the skin of a post-bariatric client is quite different from a non-bariatric patient. The former’s skin, after being stretched so much, can be damaged and may have lost its capacity to keep itself ‘tight’; this means that in some cosmetic procedures, these patients’ skin can ‘loosen’ a lot quicker than any other person’s.

Contact Us!Post-bariatric patients usually suffer from breast ptosis (droppiness), sagging facial, abdominal and arm skin as well as excessive wrinkling or skin folds in the thighs. Bariatric body contouring offers a solution to all these problems and can help you improve your appearance so that you can enjoy your weight loss to the maximum and increase your self-assurance as you obtain the shapely figure you’ve always dreamed of.

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Price changes and updates are not shown on the website inmediately. If you wish to obtain more information regarding the current costs of a procedure, please contact us here.


Whenever you come to the decision of submitting yourself to any type of cosmetic treatment, you always need to keep in mind that no procedure will be able to provide an ‘ideal’ aspect to your body. The objective of a plastic surgery is to achieve an improvement in your features, not to provide ‘perfection’. This can aid you to boost your self-confidence and assurance, while making you feel happier with the way you look while at the same time keeping reasonable and down-to-earth expectations. This is one of the center values we have here at Better Looks; we want our clients to be completely satisfied with the results of their surgery and to heighten their self-esteem.

Those who desire a more refreshing and youthful appearance after having gone through a gastric bypass are ideal candidates for this surgery. If the sagging skin after weight loss is still making you feel fat, this procedure is the right one for you if you find yourself in good health physically. But you need make sure that your weight has stabilized before you submit yourself to this procedure.

Contact Us!By offering one of the best teams of surgeons in the industry, Better Looks is aware of the different types of wants our diverse patients may have. Therefore, we will provide the best service possible for you, no matter what you are looking for, and we will help you in every possible way in your pursuit to enhance your appearance.


Before any type of surgery is performed, clients at Better Looks are required to have a detailed discussion with their plastic surgeon. By doing so, both parties have the chance to contribute in the whole procedure and to amplify the client's level of satisfaction. The patient must discuss his/her prospects openly with their doctor, who will help determine what isn't or what is possible to achieve. All the different factors of the surgery you are willing to undertake (the cost and recovery process) must be extremely clear to you.

During this initial consultation, your doctor will evaluate your condition and will determine which technique(s) are the best for you. An overall strategy plan will be constructed and he/she will review it with you before the surgery. In most cases, your surgeon will mark the places where the incisions will take place on your body using a marker.

You will need to tell your doctor of any allergies you might be prone to or if you have any serious medical conditions. Make sure to ask your surgeon concerning the diverse details that the surgery entails. For example, you should know if you should refrain from taking certain medications (eg: aspirin) or if you will need to avoid drinking or eating for a certain time period before your surgery.

Contact Us!When planning for your surgery in Costa Rica, Better Looks will make sure to offer all the best possible services during your surgery. We will arrange for your transport and will offer the best commodities during your recovery. All this can be arranged previously with our organization.

If you have any queries or doubts, our plastic surgeons will be more than happy to help you during your initial discussion.


This surgery is performed under general anesthesia and depending on the extent of the operation, it can last from 4 to 8 hours.

Usually, different cosmetic techniques will be utilized during a bariatric body contouring procedure. Surgeries such as mastoplexy (breast lift), brachioplasty (arm lift), tummy tuck and lipectomy (lower body lift) as usually applied, even though there are many other surgeries which can be used in conjunction as well.

Following the marking made prior to the operation, your surgeon will proceed to make the precise incisions. Once this is done, he/she will separate and elevate the skin and fat from the underlying structures. This is done with extreme care and precision, making sure that all the excess tissue is removed.

Finally, the skin will be re-draped over the region and stitches will be used to close the incisions. Surgical drains will be placed underneath, since fluid tends to accumulate after such procedures and can delay the healing. The drains will make sure that fluids are taken out, lowering the risk of any complications.

Contact Us!When all is done, your doctor will wrap the affected area with a compression bandage, which helps support the stitches during your recovery process and minimizes the swelling and bruising.


Usually, you will have to stay overnight at the hospital/clinic and will be kept under observation to make sure that the surgical drains are working properly. The dressings will be changed the next day and you will be able to go home or to a recovery center. You should be able to resume walking a couple of days later and the drains will be taken off during the next few days.

It is natural for swelling and bruising to occur after a bariatric body contouring surgery; if the pain and discomfort is too much for you, your doctor will prescribe painkillers for you. You will have to wear the compression bandage for at least 3 weeks.

It is recommended that you take it easy during this period, so that your body will be able to heal properly. You will have to refrain from making any aerobic exercises or sports for at least 3 weeks; you should also avoid strenuous activities such as weight lifting. As you recover, your surgeon will let you know which activities you will be able to resume little by little.

Contact Us!The results of the surgery will be noticeable immediately. You must keep in mind that the shape of your body will continue to improve in the weeks after the procedure as the swelling and bruising disappear. You will find that your arms, breasts, abdomen, thighs and buttocks will have a ‘tightened’ appearance and will look more youthful and firm. Sometimes, ‘touch up’ procedures will be necessary, but all in all, you will feel a lot more comfortable in your ‘new skin’.


As with any type of cosmetic surgery, complications are unusual, but they sometimes do happen, especially when it comes to such an extensive full-body surgery. However, risks can be reduced by precisely following your doctor’s directions before and after the procedure.

After bariatric body contouring, patients may suffer from seroma (excess body fluid trapped in the affected area) which can cause serious infections; this is the reason why you must be extremely careful with the surgical drains and make sure they are working properly. Another potential problem is hematoma (internal bleeding) but this can also be treated with the drains.

Be certain to ask your Better Looks surgeon concerning any complications you might have to face when undertaking this procedure. However, you must keep in mind that our certified group of doctors works around the clock to prevent such scenarios from happening, since we value the health of our patients above anything else.

In order to keep the risks at a bare minimum, please make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions at all times.


Contact Us!The information given in this website should be considered as an introduction to a bariatric body contouring surgery. Before deciding on submitting yourself to the procedure described above, we highly recommend you contact BetterLooks directly, so we can answer any specific question you might have.

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